What can you find?

This website will present and explain software, electronics and scripting solutions for everyones home.

We will show you solutions for

  • home automation
  • private clouds
  • data storage solutions

for your own use.

Why do we write?

The 21st century and all its powerful hardware and software grows more and more complex, while concepts of simple home solutions sound still trivial . We want to give you some of this solutions and even more we want to prove to you, that also solutions can be simple.

We want to share our knowledge and built devices or software entities with everyone, who is brave enough to simplify his/her life.

We want to bring you technological solutions, so the technology can more and more disappear into the background and life will gain more time and value.

What will come further?

In a near future we also present a shop to purchase simple solutions which can be used without or with only a little software and hardware knowledge for installation.